Estate Preservation

People spend a considerable amount of time accumulating money and property so they can enjoy their lives and provide for their loved ones.  Estate Preservation encompasses the ownership and distribution of property in a manner that permits fulfillment of these goals.  Estate Preservation helps assure the transfer of property to heirs with the least possible financial and emotional cost.

A lack of appropriate planning can be devastating.  Generally, this results in beneficiaries inheriting incorrect assets at an inappropriate time; precious estate liquidity is depleted by costs related to estate taxes and expenses.  Survivors experience greater intra-family bitterness and less financial security at an already traumatic time.

With proper Estate Planning, much of this can be avoided. A plan helps create a degree of certainty at an uncertain time.  It helps reduce estate taxes and financial hardship as well as family conflict.  It ensures the correct assets are inherited by the proper beneficiaries at the appropriate time.  Combined with a prudent life insurance program, appropriate planning provides income to family members as well as sufficient liquidity to pay estate taxes.


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